An Exciting Opportunity to
Invest in the Lucrative
Residential Assisted
Living Sector

Physicians Senior Living Fund offers savvy investors an opportunity to invest in this rapidly expanding segment of the Senior Care Market

A SEC registered Regulation D 506c offering
Available to Accredited Investors only


Why Invest in the Senior Housing market


Baby Boomers


Senior Housing


People Turn
65 Daily


People Turn
85 Daily

The Baby Boomers (1946-1964) belong to one of America’s greatest generations. With nearly 10,000 people turning 65 every single day, that’s almost 4 million people on an annual basis. That’s 76 million people who over the course of the next few decades will need good housing, medical care, assistance, and caregiving services. With 300,000 Baby Boomers retiring every month, this market will only grow.

The demand for Senior Housing continues to exceed supply

Senior Housing Supply & Demand Trends

Primary Markets

U.S. Population Growth by Age Group

2020 to 2060

Sources: NIC MAP Data Service, U.S. Census Bureau

Senior Housing is a Recession Resilient Asset Class

Annualized Total Returns by Property Type

Period Ending 09/30/2020

Sources: NCREIF, NIC MAP Data Service

Delinked from the macro CRE environment

Senior Housing has been a stable and overperforming commercial real estate asset for the last ten years. This includes the period encompassing the 2007 capital market collapse when returns among other commercial sectors fell as much as 20%.

Why Invest in the Senior Housing Market

RALs are a rapidly expanding segment in the overall Senior Housing Market

Residential Assisted Living facilities offer personalized settings and intimate care to our elderly, while they enjoy a family home environment. All the care facilities are located in affluent residential neighborhoods, that enable family and friends to visit frequently.

Residential Assisted Living

Large Assisted Living Centers

The Fund’s Sponsor currently operates 13 high-end RALs in Scottsdale and Phoenix

MD Senior Living provides luxury, physician owned and directed nursing homes, and live-in care facilities for seniors in Scottsdale and Phoenix.
The Valencia Home
North Scottsdale
North Scottsdale Retreat
North Scottsdale
Central Scottsdale AL
Scottsdale Ranch
47th Place
60th Street
19th Pl. #1
19th Pl. #2
Casa Valencia
The LV

The Investment Strategy

The Fund’s strategy is a ‘roll-up’ of the somewhat fractured RAL market utilizing rate compression to lever up our assets fueling further growth in both assets and NOI.

Pipeline Target Properties

Phoenix Metroplex

8 Bedrooms
10 Bedrooms
13 Beds
11 Bed
11 Beds

A low-risk, high-return alternative to typical RE syndications

The Physicians Senior Living Fund will acquire existing Superior and Deluxe category RALs in the Phoenix Metroplex.

  • Fully licensed and operational RALs, at least 80% occupied, with amazing cash flows
  • The target facility is a 5,000+ sqft large beautiful home with 10-12 bed and bath
  • Current owners/managers generally stay on to help transition to our team

Award-winning Operations & Oversight

Our operating arm, MD Senior Living, has been awarded the coveted “Best of Senior Living Award” for 3 years running. Out of thousands of RAL communities throughout the United States and Canada, MD Senior Living was one of the only 19 communities to be honored with this prestigious award.

Leveraging Our Physician Partnership Group

Our group of 14+ physician partners (and counting) will help us expand medical services into the care home setting – not available in other care homes in our communities.
Dr. Krishnan
Dr. Sandeep
Dr. Velez
Dr. Mel
Dr. Reyes
Dr. Collazo
Dr. Treynor
Dr. Harish

24/7 telemedicine capabilities


Remote patient vital monitoring


Integrated home health and hospice services


Medical services like physical therapy & memory

Expansion Across the
Phoenix / Scottsdale
Service Areas

The Physicians Senior Living Fund will build a network of high-quality facilities across the valley leveraging our experience and expertise with monthly room rates ranging from $3500 to $7500+, allowing us to serve seniors across a wide geographical area & from different abilities to pay.

Diverse Market Segmentation

Monthly Room Rates

Diverse Market Segmentation - Monthly Room Rates

The Physicians Senior Living Fund Offering

Physicians Senior Living Fund, LLC seeks to raise $10,000,000 in equity finance for the acquisition of Residential Assisted Living facilities in Arizona. 


With 10,000 Units available, each Unit = $1000


Minimum Investment $100,000 (1,000 Units)


The targeted RALs will typically be operational, fully licensed, with positive
cash flows


The fund has a 5-year time horizon to exit

$10m raise will result in up to 20 RAL Units by end of YR3

Multiple on Invested Capital

Expected Returns LPs

For more information please contact

Tim Johnston

A SEC registered Regulation D 506c offering
Available to Accredited Investors only

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Our Fund Management Team

Tim Johnston

Managing Member

Jeff Giedt

Operations Director

Dr. Sendhil Krishnan

MD, FACC Co-founder
Medical Director

Dr Mel Ranat

Dr. Mel Ranat

MD, Co-founder
Medical Director